Mova Globus Erde Nachtansicht

Mova Globe Earth at night


We took van Gogh’s iconic star night and emphasized every swirling yellow star and every dark silhouette against the night sky in an exclusive mova design. A classic that was transformed into a gift of modern art.

Enjoy the quiet beauty of the Earth from the night perspective, highlighting the progress of humanity in lighting up the world. This global view of the Earth was compiled from over 400 NASA satellite images and is our brand new view of our amazing planet, seen through the eyes of an astronaut. On every flight over the blue planet you will see dark land masses amidst the depths of the rich blue sea and cities that shine in the light of civilization. This design will surely be the next favorite of our customers.

Mova Globus Erde Nachtansicht auf einem Tisch liegendMova Globus Erde Nachtansicht gelegtMova Globe Terre Vue de Nuit auf einem Holztisch liegend

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Mova Globus Erde NachtansichtMova Globe Earth at night
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