MOVA Globe Moon 6
MOVA Globe Moon 6
MOVA Globe Moon

Mova Globe Moon


With this Mova Globus moon you don’t have to wait until the next lunar cycle to witness the beauty of a full moon.

The moon may take a whole month to transition from full light to full moon, but with this unique moon decoration you can enjoy its captivating blue/gray color and dark craters anytime. The MOVA Moon Globe was created from illuminated images of the moon sourced from NASA satellite photography, giving it an exceptionally high degree of realism, perfect for any gift.

Mova Globe Moon gezoomte AnsichtMova Globus Mond auf einem Tisch liegendMova Globus Mond auf einem Sockel stehendMova Globus Mond auf einem Regal stehend

MOVA Moon Globe 4.5

  • Topographically accurate MOVA Lunar Globe
  • Uses topographic images from NASA
  • Size 4.5″ (also available in 6″ size)
  • Rotating
MOVA Globe Moon 6Mova Globe Moon
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