MOVA Globe Pluto

Mova Globe Pluto


Pluto’s status as a planet is still the subject of discussions, but this recreational Mova Globe Pluto is an attractive design element for those who still consider Pluto as the ninth planet of our solar system.

Pluto is the furthest planet from the Sun in our Solar System. Pluto’s surface is an icy terrain of frozen nitrogen. This Pluto globe uses images from NASA’s New Horizon Expedition to give an insight into the deep craters and the brown color of the dwarf planet. The MOVA Pluto Globe is an exciting collector’s item for science enthusiasts or for anyone who has imagined exploring the outer limits of space.

Mova Globe Pluto in zoomed viewMova Globe Pluto standing on a pedestalMova Globe Pluto lying on a deskMova Globe Pluto lying on a table

MOVA Globe Pluto 4.5″

MOVA Globe PlutoMova Globe Pluto
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