MOVA Globe Sun 8.5"
MOVA Globe Sun 8.5"
MOVA Globe Sun 8.5

Mova Globe Sun 8.5 “


Explore the beauty of the sun with the Mova Globe Soleil, 8.5 inch inches, a trip to 26,000 light years.

With this MOVA Globe, you can admire the flaming beauty of the sun in your living room. Based on NASA images, this globe depicts our central star as a massive ball of fiery gas with spirals of red and orange. At 8.5 inches, this MOVA Globe is an exciting and fiery addition to your solar system collection.

MOVA Globe Sun 8.5″.

  • MOVA Globe Sun 8.5’ inch used images from NASA
  • The 8.5’ inch models weigh approximately 6kg and are sold with a high quality acrylic base
  • Size of 8.5‘ inches is the largest size of the MOVA Globes (also available in 4.5’ & 6″)
  • The rotating globe rotates thanks to the ambient light
  • Invisible magnets enable the movement
  • Works without charger or batteries
MOVA Globe Sun 8.5"Mova Globe Sun 8.5 “
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