Mova Globe Neptun 6
Mova Globe Neptun 6
MOVA Globus Neptun 6
MOVA Neptun-Globus 6
MOVA Globe Neptune 6

Mova Globe Neptune 6 “


With this 6″ inch Mova Globe you can enjoy an immersive view of the planet Neptune, which highlights its shining azure-blue colors and its swirling storms like the small dark spot. Perfect for hobby astronomers. >

MOVA Globus Neptun 6″

With the MOVA Globe Neptune 6″ inch you can explore the intense blue color of Neptune and the swirling storm “the little dark spot” up close. Based on real NASA satellite images of Neptune, this rotating globe offers a high degree of realism and allows you to travel to the cosmos from home, making this globe a perfect gift for astronomy enthusiasts.

  • Mova Globe Neptune 6″ inch uses NASA images
  • 6″ inch models weigh about 3.5 kg and come with a high-quality acrylic stand.
  • Size 6″ inch, which is the intermediate size (also available in 4.5″ & 8″)
  • The rotating globe rotates thanks to ambient light
  • Invisible magnets allow movement
  • Works without charger or batteries

Mova Globe Neptun 6Mova Globe Neptune 6 “
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