Who invented the MOVA Globe? The fascinating story of Bill French

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Bill French, a symbolic figure of invention, is the creative and scientific force behind the MOVA Globes.

His career illustrates the arduous journey of an idea from its inception to its final realisation.

In fact, the development of the MOVA Globe was not a walk in the park, but rather a years-long journey.

Long before developing this innovative product, Bill had succumbed to the passion of inventing.

We were delighted to share with you his journey to invention, the deeper meaning of his role as inventor and the source of inspiration for the MOVA Globes.

The roots of an inventor: Bill French’s childhood

Bill French was not always the innovative scientist we know today. His desire to invent something germinated in his childhood and later developed into a passion that would eventually lead him to realise the MOVA Globe.

As a child, Bill had a strong urge to think outside the box. Instead of just copying what others were doing, he wanted to do things differently. He didn’t want to paint from ready-made templates, but to step out of the line”.

His father, an important source of inspiration, was a man of practice. Whether he wanted to remodel a room in the house or build a studio for Bill, he never hesitated to put his ideas into practice.

From him, Bill learned that it is possible to design according to one’s own ideas and feel great satisfaction in doing so.

As his parents were often absent because of work, Bill spent a lot of time with his aunt.

In this oasis of calm, without friends to distract him, without the constant supervision of a mother and without any pressure, he immersed himself in reading electronics magazines and began to tinker in his uncle’s workshop.

The birth of the transistor during this period marked a turning point in his interest in electronics. Bill realised that one day he could invent something that people would want to own.

So Bill’s childhood was not only a time of innocence and play, but also the fertile soil in which the inventor’s seed took root.

Bill French
The inventor of the Mova Globe: Bill French

The trigger: becoming an inventor

A pivotal experience catalysed Bill French’s passion for inventing: the science fair in his 9th year.

It was a revealing moment, a decisive turning point in his career.

Bill was not just a participant in that science fair, he was a determined inventor. The freedom to imagine, design and build something that existed only in his head was a huge privilege.

He had free rein to bring his ideas to life and push the boundaries of what others were doing.

His project: an analogue computer with a simple design. That may sound banal today, but at the time it was a significant achievement.

And not only for Bill. The jurors of the science fair also recognised his genius and awarded him the first prize.

This recognition was the catalyst for Bill. It triggered a thirst for invention, an urge to go beyond the conventional and the predictable.

From that moment on, the idea of becoming an inventor never left him. Bill French was no longer just a student passionate about electronics. He was on his way to becoming the inventor we know and admire today.

Striking moments : The inspiration and ambition to invent

Bill French has never lacked ambition. 1974 was the year he amazed his girlfriend when he revealed to her his audacious plan: to build a flying saucer that would run on solar energy.

Although this ambitious goal has not yet been achieved, his determination to make it happen shows Bill’s endless ingenuity.

The inspiration to become an inventor was not limited to his own aspirations. In 1955, his passion for invention was heightened by a family event.

His Uncle Howard won $1,000 in prize money thanks to his invention of a new toy.

By spreading the prize on the floor in $20 notes, Uncle Howard not only demonstrated his success, but also fed the flame of innovation in young Bill.

These highlights left an indelible impression on Bill and fuelled his determination to make waves in the world of invention.

His story is a source of inspiration for all who dream of making their own mark on the world through innovation and creativity.

The inspirations of an inventor

Bill French draws his inspiration from a variety of sources, some of which date back to the earliest eras of mankind.

He pays tribute to the inventor ofthe first stone tool, who ushered in the age of technology. He also admires the person who first mastered fire, a discovery that changed the course of human history.

Among the more modern figures, Thomas Edison is a source of inspiration for Bill. With his countless inventions, including the light bulb, Edison truly changed the world.

But Bill’s inspiration is not limited to the great historical figures. He respects and admires everyone who has created something useful that people buy.

This admiration is a testament to his pragmatic approach to inventing: To create products that add value to people’s lives.

Bill French’s favourite invention: the MOVA Globe

When it comes to choosing his favourite invention, Bill French doesn’t name the wheel, the compass or radio waves. What is his favourite? His own MOVA globe!

It is a creation that, for him, represents the pinnacle of his ingenuity and creativity.

He spent many years developing the concept, facing technical challenges and perfecting the final product.

Today, the MOVA globe is not only Bill’s personal triumph, but is also admired and appreciated worldwide for its beauty and innovation.

How does Bill French find ideas for inventions ?

Bill French is not like other inventors who succeed by solving ordinary problems: an already hard-fought terrain. He takes a different approach and tries to design innovative and original objects away from the mainstream.

However, it is important to note that this search for ideas only takes place in a fraction of his waking time, about 0.001%.

The rest of the time, Bill has to face reality: He not only dreams, but works hard to turn his creative visions into tangible inventions.

Perhaps this is one of the secrets of his success as an inventor: a balance between fantasy and reality.

The Creative Spark behind the MOVA Globe

Inspiration can come from the simplest things. For Bill French, the idea for the MOVA Globe came when he was watching a spinning top spin. Suddenly he had the idea: why not design a spinning top that starts moving when it is illuminated?

That was just the beginning. The idea took more and more shape and developed. Then Bill set himself the challenge of creating a representation of the earth that would float as if by magic.

He guessed that this could be achieved in some way by magnetic force.

Then one day he came across a floating gadget that resembled a “floating eye”. At that moment, all these ideas converged in his head.

That’s how the concept of the MOVA Globe was born. Creative thinking, a bold challenge and Bill’s ability to combine disparate ideas to find a new possibility.

Today, he is still on the lookout for innovative ideas, always searching for the next great invention.

The development of the MOVA Globe: The invention that conquers the world L'Évolution du MOVA Globe : L'Invention qui Conquiert le Monde

The invention that conquers the scientific world

Bill French not only invented the MOVA Globe, but also put his bold vision into practice.

As an inventor, you are always proud when you have realised an idea.

For Bill, however, the MOVA Globe is not just a successful personal project. He sees a future in which this globe spreads into homes all over the world.

A vision of the future in which his invention not only exists, but becomes established in people’s everyday lives.

The optimistic inventor has this strong belief that his globes will become an important part of consumers’ purchases.

He sees homes beautified by the magic of MOVA Globes, adding a touch of innovation and inspiration to every corner of the globe.

The development of the MOVA Globe is well underway, and with Bill’s passion and determination, that future doesn’t seem so far away.

The MOVA Globe: surprises and constant evolution

There is hardly anything more satisfying for an inventor than when his invention is appreciated all over the world.

So imagine Bill French’s surprise when he was offered his MOVA Globe for sale at the Tokyo Science Museum! It is these moments when his creation is discovered in exotic places that make his work so satisfying.

Bill is not only an inventor, he is also an eternal innovator. He does not rest on his laurels. Instead, he works tirelessly to advance MOVA Creations ‘ technology.

This is not only about external improvements, but also about internal changes, within his inventions themselves.

Every time a MOVA Globe is spotted, whether in a shop or in a faraway corner of the world, it is a new source of excitement for Bill.

These discoveries remind him of the global impact of his work and spur him on to further innovation.

The MOVA company

Founded by the ingenious inventor Bill French, MOVA embodies the fascinating connection between art and science. Their flagship product, the MOVA Globe, is the result of years of scientific research, problem solving and unwavering creativity.

The California-based company is driven by an innovative vision: merging the visually appealing aspect of art objects with the fascinating aspect of cutting-edge technology. Their goal is to create moving art objects that give the viewer a sense of peace and relaxation.

The MOVA company has taken an innovative path by ingeniously combining the field of solar energy and physics with decorative art. For example, each MOVA globe is designed to rotate itself, using natural or artificial light and the earth’s magnetic field to create a smooth and silent movement.

But the company does not stop with the globe. The development of new designs and the introduction of new technologies remain a priority. Bill French and his team work tirelessly on new ideas, constantly striving to reinvent and push the boundaries of what can be achieved with moving art.

Over the years, MOVA’s creations have gained recognition and earned a place in spaces ranging from private homes to prestigious museums. And if their success continues on this upward trajectory, there is no doubt that MOVA will remain a household name in the world of artistic and technological innovation.

The journey of an inventor, the epic of an invention

Bill French’s career describes the authentic journey of a passionate inventor, from the first flash of inspiration to the realisation of a dream.

It is a quest that never ends, full of challenges, discoveries and unexpected innovations.

His creation, the MOVA Globe, is a living symbol of this adventure: a creation that captures the imagination, defies convention and illuminates living spaces around the world.

Bill’s story is proof that passion, innovation and perseverance can transform a simple idea into an object of universal admiration.

If the MOVA Globe is a reflection of our moving earth, then Bill French is a reflection of an inventive mind that is constantly evolving and always trying to push the boundaries of what is possible.

And it is this insatiable hunger for innovation that makes him a source of inspiration for all budding inventors

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