My MOVA globe no longer rotates, what can I do?

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Imagine a planet in miniaturespinning gently in space, captivating and hypnotising.

That’s exactly what a MOVA globe offers you. This fascinating scientific object inspires admiration and amazement in everyone who sees it.

But like any precision object, the MOVA globe can sometimes show signs of capriciousness.

It happens that these globes stop rotating. Why does this occur? What can be done to fix this problem?

In this article we explore the reasons why your MOVA globe may stop spinning.

We then give you practical tips on how to fix this problem so that your globe returns to its calming, steady motion. Along the way, we delve into the fascinating science that makes these globes so special.

So are you ready to join us on the journey? Then let’s go!

Understanding how your MOVA globe works

The magic of brightness

To understand why your MOVA globe can stop spinning, we first need to understand how it works. A key ingredient in this mechanism is brightness.

The MOVA globe draws its energy from ambient light, which is converted into electricity by photovoltaic cells.

This drives the tiny motor inside the globe. So it needs light, but not in any way.

Avoid placing your globe in direct sunlight. What is the reason for this? Overheating.

Excessive direct sunlight can damage the globe. Prefer a well-lit room, but without direct sunlight.

The crucial role of the magnetic field

Let’s move on to the other crucial factor for the function of your MOVA globe: the magnetic field.

Your MOVA globe rotates thanks to the magic of the Earth’s magnetosphere. Inside it is a magnet that allows it to align and rotate in response to the Earth’s rotation.

This means that anything that disturbs the magnetic field around your globe can affect it. For example, other magnets or solid metal objects can interfere with its movement.

All in all, the brightness and the magnetic field are two essential pillars for the smooth functioning of your MOVA globe.

First steps for troubleshooting

Choose the right location

The location is crucial for the smooth operation of your MOVA globe.

Where you place your globe in your home can make the difference between smooth rotation and somewhat erratic rotation.

Wondering where to put it? Here are some points to consider:

  1. Brightness: choose a well-lit location. Soft light is better than direct, strong light.
  2. Heat: Avoid places that can heat up, such as near a heater or fireplace.
  3. Magnetic interference: Keep your globe away from heavy metal objects and other potential sources of magnetic interference.

Beware of solar radiation

As mentioned earlier, it is vital to avoid direct sunlight. Why?

It’s quite simple. The heat of the sun can cause overheating, possibly damaging the internal mechanism.

Indirect light is ideal. A globe that is near a window but does not get direct sun will work wonderfully.

All in all, choosing a location and paying attention to sunlight are crucial steps to ensure that your MOVA globe rotates smoothly.

Magnetic interactions: Avoid interference

Keep globes separate

The magnet inside your MOVA globe is sensitive to external magnetic forces. Do you have more than one MOVA globe? Then it is crucial that you keep them separate.

Why is this precaution necessary? The magnets of the different globes can interact with each other and thus disturb the harmonic rotation.

So keep them away from each other to enjoy the beauty of each MOVA globe.

Solid metals: interfering factors you should avoid

Objects made of iron or other solid metals can also cause interference. Their proximity can change the magnetic field around the globe and stop its rotation.

Therefore, avoid placing your globe near large household appliances or metal objects. Not near the refrigerator or microwave!

In summary, for optimal operation, respect your MOVA globe’s need for magnetic independence. Your globe will thank you with a continuous and reassuring rotation.

Using a paper clip to help the globe rotate

If your MOVA globe is still immobile despite all these precautions, don’t despair! There is another method you can try before contacting customer service.

The paper clip: a surprising ally

A simple paper clip can prove to be a valuable ally. How can it help? Quite simply.

Carefully place a paper clip on the top of your globe. Leave it there for about an hour. What is the goal? To give the inner magnetic field a boost.

Why this method works

The idea is to cause a small disturbance that could help the inner magnet to “reinitialise” itself. This could be enough to get the rotation of your globe going again.

This method is safe, easy to try and could be the key to getting your MOVA globe spinning again and looking fascinating like it used to. So why not give it a try?

What to do if the globe still doesn’t turn?

If your MOVA globe doesn’t want to turn despite all your efforts, it’s time to call on our services.

Claim the guarantee

Your Globe has a warranty that covers manufacturing defects. You can therefore contact us within the warranty period for a repair or exchange.

How to contact Mova International

Do you need a warranty for your Mova Globe? Here are the steps to claim it.

  1. Start on theofficial Mova website. In the “Support” or “Customer service” section you will find clear information about guarantees.
  2. If you can’t find what you need online, contact Mova directly. Options include phone, email or an online form.
  3. Haveyour proof of purchase nearby. Mova can request details of your purchase to check eligibility.

Did you buy your Mova Globe from Amazon? No problem.

  1. First contact Amazon’s customer service.
  2. They can help you confirm the details of your purchase.
  3. They can also tell you the best way to make your warranty claim with Mova.

Remember, warranties are there to help you. So don’t hesitate to use them if you need to! Be creative and remember that it’s all about pleasing Google!

Keep the box and the documents

It is crucial that you keep the original box and all warranty documents.

They might be needed when applying for a repair or exchange.

What if the globe has fallen down?

If the globe has fallen down, the situation is unfortunately more complicated

. It may be damaged inside, which is not covered by the warranty.

Consequences of a dropped MOVA globe

The MOVA globe is a fragile and valuable object.

It must therefore be handled with care to avoid possible dropping.

The effects of a fall

mova kugel kaputt

A fall can cause internal damage to the globe, stopping its rotation.

Inside the globe is a sensitive mechanism based on magnetism and solar energy.

A fall can disrupt this mechanism, causing the rotation to stop permanently.

No guarantee in case of breakage

It is important to note that the warranty does not cover damage caused by a fall.

The guarantee only covers manufacturing defects. Unfortunately, if the globe stops spinning due to a fall, it is likely that the guarantee will not apply.

In summary, to keep your globe in good condition, handle it with care and avoid falls. The MOVA globe is a fascinating and valuable object that deserves to be treated with the utmost care.

The final word

Your MOVA globe is a fascinating object, designed to rotate continuously and give you a moving representation of our beautiful planet. However, factors such as poor lighting conditions, magnetic interference or even a fall can disrupt its rotation.

If problems arise, first check the location of your globe. Make sure it is in a bright place, but not in the blazing sun. Also avoid solid metal objects in the vicinity.

If your globe still won’t turn, you can try the paper clip method. This might help to “reset” the inner magnet of the globe and get its rotation going again.

If, despite all your efforts, the globe still does not rotate, please contact us for a repair or exchange under warranty. Remember that it is important to keep the original box and all warranty documents.

However, if the globe has been dropped, the situation is unfortunately more complicated. It is possible that the globe has been damaged inside, which is not covered by the warranty.

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