Mova Moca Globe Feiertage

Mova Moca Globe holidays


Travel with the little prince on his dear asteroid B612 in space. This limited globe has a charming design that uses the timeless lessons by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Only connected to a personalized crystal base of the 75th anniversary.

The MOVA MOCA 4.5″ is a high-quality globe designed to add an elegant touch to any room. This 4.5-inch diameter globe features a detailed world map with built-in technology for silent rotation. This globe, which rotates without a power source or battery, is a unique decoration that will draw attention in any living room, office, or bedroom. The MOVA MOCA 4.5″ is an ideal choice for decor enthusiasts, travelers, or collectors. Give your home an air of sophistication with this elegant globe today.

Mova Moca Globe FeiertageMova Moca Globe holidays
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