Mova Globe Jupiter – Your window to the largest planet

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What is the MOVA Globe Jupiter?

The MOVA Globe Jupiter is more than just a globe. It is an exquisite fusion of science and art.

This innovative globe uses images from NASA to depict Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, in all its glory.

Equipped with patented technology, it creates perfect rotation without the help of batteries or cumbersome cables.

The globe is set in motion by ambient light and hidden magnets, providing an amazing visual representation of this fascinating planet.

Acheter le Mova globe Jupiter

The NASA images used for the MOVA Jupiter globe


How were the NASA images obtained?

Getting the images for MOVA Globe Jupiter is no everyday feat. They come directly from NASA.

Sophisticated space probes with high-resolution cameras were sent on a mission around Jupiter.

The images provided by NASA give us an unparalleled and accurate view of this giant planet.

Images NASA Jupiter
Realism of the NASA images

The captivating details of MOVA Globe Jupiter: blue and brown streaks and the ‘big red spot’

The MOVA Globe Jupiter doesn’t just image Jupiter. It also reveals its most fascinating details.

The planet’s blue and brown stripes, rendered with impressive detail, are a spectacle in themselves.

These stripes, caused by the currents in Jupiter’s atmosphere, are perfectly reproduced on the globe.

The real highlight of the spectacle, however, is undoubtedly the ‘Great Red Spot’. This colossal vortex, a hurricane that has been in constant motion for at least 300 years, is beautifully rendered.

tache rouge jupiter
The Great Red Spot on Jupiter

Our opinion of the Mova Globe Jupiter

Advantages of the Mova Globe Jupiter

The Mova Gl obe Jupiter is a great addition to any office or workspace. Not only is it fascinating to look at, but its constant rotation also provides a degree of rest and relaxation.

Users have noted how much they enjoy watching the globe rotate and that it has become an interesting talking point in their workspace.

Other plus points are the fast and careful delivery and the excellent responsiveness of the customer service.

The globe’s attention to detail and high-quality finish were also praised, especially by those with a particular love of astronomy.

Features Jupiter Key

Feature Details of Jupiter
Diameter 139.820 km
Mass 1.898 x 10^27 kg (318 times the earth)
Number of moons 79 known so far
Distance from the sun Approx. 778.5 million km
Duration of a day Approx. 9.9 hours (fastest in the solar system)
Duration of a year About 11.86 Earth years
Atmosphere Mainly hydrogen and helium, with traces of methane, water, ammonia and phosphine
Magnetic field The strongest in the solar system, 14 times stronger than that of the Earth
Temperature -145°C on average
Discovery Known since ancient times, but the first detailed observations were made by Galileo Galilei in 1610
Exploration in space Jupiter has been visited by several probes, including Pioneer 10 & 11, Voyager 1 & 2, Galileo, Juno


All in all, the Mova Globe Jupiter provides a relaxing and fascinating visual experience that is both an excellent decorative object and a talking point.

Despite some quality issues and a price that may seem high to some, users are generally very happy with their purchase.

Just make sure you take into account lighting conditions to ensure your globe works properly.

Buy from Amazon

Amazon is one of the best places to buy a MOVA Jupiter globe. There’s a wide range of sellers and prices there, so you’re sure to find an option that fits your budget.

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