MOVA Globes 8.5 Inch

The MOVA Globes 8.5″ – The Giant Among the Models

The MOVA Globes 8.5 collection comprises 10 models, all handcrafted by experts. The 8.5-inch globes weigh about 6 kg with the included acrylic stand.

If you have seen our creations in a store, you probably saw a variety of MOVA Globes 4.5″, some MOVA Globes 6″, and perhaps one or two 8.5″ globes. Why are the larger MOVA Globes so rare? Although the larger MOVA Globes take up significantly more space, just seeing a single 8.5″ MOVA Globe is enough to appreciate its presence. This size of MOVA Globe is closest to the size of a traditional desk globe (about 12″ inches) and, combined with a quiet rotation, is the quintessence of the MOVA Globe. Valued as a centerpiece in entrance halls or as a focal point on a conference table, the 8.5-inch globe offers a bold solution for those who prefer size in their office and home decoration.


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