How can the MOVA Globe run without electricity?

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The MOVA Globe is a unique scientific decorative object.

It is a self-moving globe that fascinates with its constant movement.

Unlike conventional globes, however, it is not powered by a conventional power source.

Therefore, the question arises: With what energy does the MOVA globe rotate?

The answer

The MOVA Globe rotates with the help of a clever mechanism that uses solar energy.

The solar cells inside the globe capture the ambient light, which is converted into electrical energy.

This electrical energy is then used to power the globe’s rotating mechanism.

A subtle interplay of forcesAvec quelle energie tourne le MOVA Globe

The MOVA Globe owes its rotational movement to a subtle combination of forces: the Earth’s magnetic field and ambient light.

The inner globe floats in an almost frictionless environment, much like the Earth itself.

The rotation of the globe creates a force in the fluid that keeps it centred and prevents contact with the outer shell.

The Earth’s magnetic field pushes against the drive mechanism, just as it pushes the compass needle to keep it properly aligned.

The authoritative Mova globe

An environmentally friendly and original decorative object

The MOVA Globe is not only a fascinating decorative object, but also environmentally friendly.

Withno wires or batteries, it uses solar energy to function, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

In addition, its beautiful finish makes it an original gift idea for friends and family or for yourself.

The “Crystal” stand on which it is delivered adds even more to its charm and elegance.

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