A Journey to the Red Planet

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Discover the undeniable charm of this meticulous depiction of Mars.

Whether you are a lover of astronomy, a collector of curiosities or someone who wants to add a touch of wonder to their space, the Mova Globe Mars has something to offer you.

Join us on a fascinating journey through the details, technology and unique experience that the Mova Globe Mars offers.

What is the Mova Globe Mars?

The Mova Globe Mars is much more than just a decorative object. Imagine an object that takes you beyond our planet with every glance.

This scientific object is not just meant to beautify a room, it is a true sensory experience. With the Red Planet Mova Globe, you will experience a combination of technological innovation and sophisticated aesthetics.

Acheter le Mova Globe Mars

The magic of Mars in your living room

This extraordinary globe is an accurate replica of Mars, the fourth planet in our solar system. It is not just an object; it is an invitation to an interplanetary journey.

In constant motion

Captivating and surprising, the Mova Globe Mars features technology that allows it to rotate continuously without the need for intervention.

It’s like having a piece of space in your home that is constantly moving. This globe seems to rotate as if by magic and offers a realistic and fascinating representation of the “Red Planet”.

Why Mars?

Mars, also known as the Red Planet because of its unique reddish-brown colour, is fascinating in many ways.

Its unsolved mysteries and its similarity to Earth make it a subject of continuing interest, both to scientists and the general public.

The Mova globe of the Red Planet underlines the importance of this planet while offering a detailed and realistic representation of its surface, enriched by numerous images from NASA.

Through this globe, Mars appears more accessible than ever before.

The design of the Mova Mars Globe

Materials, colours and size

The Mova Globe Mars shines with its sophisticated design and attention to detail.

It is made of high-quality materials and offers an impressive look.

The transparent acrylic bowl encloses an inner globe, which is also made of acrylic and bears the image of Mars.

The liquid inside ensures fluid and frictionless rotation.

The colours of the Mova Mars Globe are red, brown and golden.

Every detail of the Martian surface is faithfully reproduced, giving the globe a remarkable authenticity.

In terms of size, the Mova Red Planet Globe is available in two diameters, 4.5″, 6″and 8″.

This makes it ideal for any space, be it an office or a large room.

The graphics and images of the globe

What sets the Mova Globe Mars apart is the accuracy of its graphics. The images used to design this globe come directly from NASA satellites.

These high-resolution images provide a realistic and detailed representation of Mars, right down to each individual crater.

It is this accuracy that gives the globe its mesmerising character and almost makes you feel like you are holding the “Red Planet” in your hands.

Technology and functionality

Mova’s patented technology

Mova, a pioneer in the field of self-rotating globes, has developed a patented technology that brings their creations to life.

The functionality of the Mova Globe Mars is no exception. It combines the ingenuity of design, the science of physics and the beauty of astronomy.

The magic of the Mova Globe Mars lies in its silent and autonomous rotation mechanism, which is a feat of engineering.

This gives the illusion that the globe is floating in the air and spinning without any visible external energy source.

Graphisme et précision des images
Images from NASA satellites

The hypnotic character of Mova Globe Mars

There is something fascinating, even hypnotic, about watching Mova Globe Mars in motion.

The fluid, silent rotation of the captivating globe, combined with the extraordinary detail of the Martian surface, creates a true experience of wonder.

The subtle movement of the globe, driven by ambient light and the Earth’s magnetic field, can even evoke a sense of serenity.

It is a real invitation to a journey, a journey to another planet, the Red Planet.

Transforming a room with the Mova Globe Mars

Décoration scientifique mars

Apart from its aesthetic beauty and advanced technology, the Mova Globe Mars has the power to transform a room.

Whether it’s in a living room, an office or a classroom, this globe adds a touch of magic to its surroundings.

The ever-moving globe becomes the focal point and irresistibly draws the eye. Its calming and inspiring aura creates a unique atmosphere.

Whether as a source of inspiration for dreams of space travel or as a teaching aid for planetology – the Mova Mars Globe offers an unforgettable sensory experience.

The experience is not limited to sight alone. Holding the Mova Globe of the Red Planet in your hand, feeling its delicate movement, adds a tactile dimension to this sensory adventure.

Thus, the Mova Globe of the Red Planet is not just a decorative object, but a real sensory experience that enchants, fascinates and inspires.

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